When Fernanda Mello, Martha de Sá and Victoria de Sá came together in 2016 to found VERT, they already had in mind the three pillars that would support the company in the long term: governance, technology and people. From then on, they built a techfin that breaks paradigms in the securitization and structured finance markets in Brazil.

The first step was taken with CVCIB, an American private equity fund. Therefore, VERT was already born with an institutional partner.

The technology arm emerged from the incorporation of Hyperspace, which integrates the group nowadays as VERT Tech.

And since no one does anything alone (nor in trio), the founders insisted from the beginning on a human business, made by people and for people. Having a brilliant team is what drives VERT, and a culture of partnership is essential to get us where we want to be

VERT has evolved to offer a unique combination of services, products and modules

Which gives you the flexibility and agility needed for a marketso dynamic.

The VERT way

VERT started out focused on serving the agricultural and real estate sectors. In 2018, the expansion of fintechs in Brazil inaugurated a new niche for the group, the financial securitization. The following year, once again the market demand led to the expansion of the business, now with an asset management company to provide investment fund management. In 2020, the expertise in agro and fintechs culminated in the launch, through a joint venture with XP Inc., of DuAgro, a credit platform that finances the purchase of agricultural inputs by farmers. The digital turn was consolidated in 2021, with the incorporation of Hyperspace.

With technology and an extraordinary team, we simplified the complex and built financial solutions on large  scale



DuAgro CEO, a platform that finances the purchase of agricultural inputs by farmers, and founding partner of VERT. With more than 24 years of experience in the Financial Markets and extensive history in agricultural financing operations, she acted in the first public offering of CRA (Certificate of Receivables of Agribusiness) in Brazil. Graduated in Business Administration from FGV-SP.


VERT CEO, Martha has been in the financial market since 2007. She was also a Founding Partner of Octante and worked in the New Business department of Mauá Investimentos. She has an extensive track record in agricultural credit and strong relationships with fintech’s ecosystem. She graduated in Business Administration from FGV-SP, with courses at Luigi Bocconi and Grenoble École de Management. Chartered Financial Analyst by the CFA Institute and CGA of ANBIMA.


She is a founding partner and product director at VERT. Responsible for the corporate and legal departments, she leads the main market debates in which the company participates. She accumulates experience in the financial and legal markets. She was a partner of Octante, and has extensive experience in the areas of Corporate Law and Capital Markets. She graduated in Law from USP, with courses at Universität Leipzig, Germany.

Alexandre Kuroiva
Head of Risk & Data Governance
Aline Carvalho
Financial Sec Management Coordinator
Andrea Barros
Head of projects and procedures
Bianca Soares
Head of communication
Caio Cortez
Operational Legal Coordinator
Carla Kossel
Product Owner
Carlos Martins
Head of Securitization Management
Celso Caetano
Accounting & Facilities
Fabio Baldissarelli
Product Manager
Fabiola Candido
Head of Credit and Collection
Felipe Rogado
Head of Vert Gestora
Gabriel Lopes
Head of DCM
Letícia Medeiros
People & Culture
Luiza Morelli
Head of RI
Maria Clara
Head of Financial Administrative
Matheus Treuk
Head of Institutional Relations and ESG
Renan Toffanin
Securitization Management Coordinator
Richard Casarin
Head of UX and UI
Rodrigo Julian
Silvia Ribeiro
Sirley Condoleo
Thiago Freitas
Software Architect
Tiago Martinelli
Vicente Vidigal
Back Office Coordinator
Vitor Lorente
Scrum Master
Vivian Costa
Data Protection & Information Management
Yuri Marques
Compliance Coordinator